Ambition, sex, cannibalism: Why stories of greedy women are on the rise

In shows and movies like Yellow Jacket, Bones and All, passionate female characters have become an important part of our culture.

“Shouldn’t you eat it?” Shauna could talk about starting the second season of “Yellowjacket” with a newly amputated ear.

This celebration of cannibalism, described as both disgusting and amusing, is no exception. The craving for women has led to countless stories on our screens as vehicles for character development, such as women’s transition into adulthood. That’s what happened to Bones and All

please call me by your namerough

– It’s a kind of bildungsroman

roughbones and allyellow jacket

With many connections between passion and cannibalism, such as up, down, crispy

While female monster stories are often told from a male perspective – classic movies like Catman

yellow jacket

Talking about tastes in fiction is talking about excess and lack, conflict and crisis. In the novel “Hungry Life”.

night club

Intense and uncontrollable hunger is one of the first symptoms Nightbitch’s character Rachel Yoder experiences.


According to Yoder, when we are too big or hairy and not properly nourished, we are seen as bad women who do not follow the rules imposed by the patriarchy. As Comte explains, the return of barbarism has potential because it breaks the rules: “It breaks the established system of civilization and allows a form of creation from nothing, a works built from nothing, independent of social, spatial and creative categories. She said, “But wild and original. Rachel Yoder’s novel addresses this question: “In the book, I wanted to challenge the dangerous nature of female desire.” fear and embrace our desires,

On the one hand, the trend is clear: viewers are responding to calls to stop discussing the female body and unleash the disciplined, repressed, or repressed urges in the plastic field invented by Bay. hitherto. Like the Yellow Jacket program

But some branches of feminism also warn of the dangers of overvaluing women’s animals and their relationship with nature, which can quickly turn into gender essentialism. Also, it can be difficult to break certain rules, such as Raw


For Rachel Yoder, the answer is real: “We just have to read and write, and realize that there are no conclusions, only questions, images and stories to explore,” she says. “When the story diminishes or traps us instead of growing us, a new story must emerge. It is a process that continues to evolve and the path of the old myth has no end, limiting them. I’m free. Until we’re full.”

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