Why Do Women date Sugardaddies?

Why Do Women date Sugardaddies?
Why Do Women date Sugardaddies?

Young women often seek out older men, and vice versa. This bears out in statistics of married couples gathered from all over the world; the husband is consistently older than the wife, rather than the other way around. And while there’s exceptions to the rule – starlets in their golden years dating “boy toys”, for instance – it’s worth looking into for the insight it gives towards helping more people get what they want.

There’s an evolutionary advantage to this. Women produce a set number of fertile eggs in their lifetime, whereas men continue to produce sperm their whole lives. So evolution would favor choosing a younger, more fertile female. At the same time, an older male has had more time to establish himself; even in ancient times, a male who was more mature would have staked out some territory for himself, and had the chance to prove himself to be a more capable provider.

Some of that carries over to modern times. A young man just starting out still has college to go through, a career to forge, and may not have made up his mind where he wants to go in life yet. A more mature man is established – he has his own home, his own car, everything’s paid for, and the chances are good that he’s not going to just suddenly fly off to Timbuktu never to be heard from again.

Meeting Millionaires
So of course, the richer men present a more attractive option. In seeking to date a millionaire, women can assure themselves that they’re going to find someone more stable. In these trying economic times with global upheaval in the market on every front, financial stability is more important than ever.

The side benefits fit more into the relationship side of things. Not only is a millionaire sugardaddy more able to keep a woman in comfort and security, but chances are any mature male has outgrown some of the rough edges that a young male has. Mature men take their time with a woman. They’re not in such a hurry, having seen what it’s all about several times before. They have more patience, more understanding, and more nurturing instinct. Mature men better know how to treat a woman, and know the importance of flirting, foreplay, and having fun together. They’ll stay in bed and cuddle afterwards, instead of jumping up to seek out their next adventure.

Ah, but what’s in it for the millionaire men?
Well, there’s little arguing against the fact that younger women are more physically attractive. But it’s also more invigorating to have a younger lover – they’re more adventurous, spontaneous, and fun to be around. Older men very much look upon younger women as playmates, somebody to bring out their fun side. Given the pressures of maintaining a base of power and wealth, it’s no surprise that when it’s time for leisure, they want somebody who’s ready for action and not somebody who will be too tired and complaining of a backache.

Of course, human behavior always poses more interesting questions than we can answer in one lifetime. But hopefully this explains the art of meetingmillionaires and some of the motivations for either side.

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