What Your Partner’s Film Tastes Says About Them

What Your Partner's Film Tastes Says About Them
What Your Partner’s Film Tastes Says About Them

Nearly every online dating website has a section of the profile where singles looking for love can say what kind of films they like. Well, that’s not just for comparison! Certain genres of films attract certain personalities, and you can tell a thing or two about them from these preferences.

Comedies (Teen)
example: American Pie, Porkys
Teen comedies usually revolve around sex, love, and the frustrations of functioning in the world. Fans of this kind of film feel awkward in life and identify with the protagonist as they fumble through a series of embarrassing mishaps. They have a very broad sense of humor and are very social.

Comedies (Alternative)
example: Monty Python, Clerks
These are the thoughtful, intelligent types. Monty Python and Kevin Smith appeal to the geeks and nerds, and generally a highly educated crowd. Look for analytical and scientific types to flock to these.

Science Fiction
example: Star Trek, A Scanner Darkly
Note that we do not include Star Wars, because that’s an action/adventure series. True science fiction draws fans with a strong imagination who like to think. Think of quiet, contemplative people who are very well-read.

Superhero Series
example: Dark Knight, Transformers
Superheros and their uber-villians represent very simple morality plays. Fans of these films like their problems simplified so they can come up with a solid solution. They admire strength and courage, and are given to having a strong character.

example: National Treasure, Star Wars
Similar to superhero films, action films are also a genre that appeal to people who enjoy the simple pleasures in life. But they’re more into the action for action’s sake. Look for thrill-seekers here, and people who are spontaneous and energetic.

Chick Flicks
example: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sex in the City
In spite of the name, both men and women who watch these kinds of films are very intelligent about emotions. To them, romance is one of the most important things in life. Look for people here who are empathic, sentimental, and tend towards kindness.

Scary Films and Thrillers
example: Saw, Hellboy
Contrary to what you might expect, the biggest fans of horror films are the kind of people who aren’t scared easily. So look for people who are very imaginative here, and also very empathic! Also look for emotionally intense people with a good grasp of issues and who are not easily ruffled.

High Fantasy
example: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter
Amongst fans of these films, you will find the starry-eyed dreamers for whole life is a wondrous spectacle. Look for people who may be older ‘but refuse to grow up’ – in a good way! They’re spontaneous and creative, and love to be surprised.

Crime/Spy Drama
example: Ocean’s Thirteen, The Borne Ultimatum
These films are more about what the characters are thinking than anything else, as the various characters pit their wits against each other. The fun in these films comes from trying to unravel the clues and figure out the puzzle. This crowd loves a mental challenge. Look for high IQs, sedate lifestyles, and a dramatic flair.

3D Animation
example: Shrek, Kung Fu Panda
The high-tech enthusiast is a typical fan of 3D animation. They might even have a career in computer graphics themselves. At the least, you’ll find a young, smart, and hip crowd who is likely to have a Blackberry or an iPhone holstered. Also, parents love these kinds of films because their children do.

example: Fullmetal Alchemist, Deathnote
Now, anime fans are a very unique subset. Anime and manga (printed comics) run together and frequently hover around science fiction, action, and fantasy themes. So blend together the typical fans of those genres, but add in a double dash of creativity and a childish sense of wonder.

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