What if Swinging Was the Norm?

What if Swinging Was the Norm
What if Swinging Was the Norm

I reckon it would be a very different world! I would potentially suggest a better one, although I imagine some rather extreme religious sorts having a vastly different opinion, but then I can’t see them being on Adult Match Maker to read about it so the debate has likely been avoided… on this occasion at least.

If swinging was the norm…

All the major holidays would be another opportunity to dress up (or down depending on how you look at it) and enjoy more than just a day off and a few drinks.

New Years would be the biggest swingers event of the year and Melbourne Cup fashions may include some suspenders and corsets underneath the gorgeous dresses for fun later. Oh now that would be fun, there may even be a new category for Cup Leather Wear!

Santa’s sack would contain all sorts of fun toys for Mum and Dad under the tree and there would likely need to be a whole other line and an extra Santa for the naughty Mums and Dads who wanted to sit on Santa’s lap too!

In general there would likely be more sex and more mayhem according to one person I asked. Dinner parties would be more fun and you’d probably not need to wear swimwear at most beaches. Maybe the Academy Awards would have an Oscar for X-Rated films and an award for the best REAL sex scenes!

Gossip around the work water-cooler would be so much more interesting but you couldn’t get fired for it since the boss would be sharing their weekend adventures there too. And surely you couldn’t get in trouble when flying since joining the mile-high club would be part of the typical flying experience, wouldn’t it?

There would be no need for a “sex on premises” licence since every event and premises would allow it by default, and night clubs would have dedicated dance and play zones, with condoms and lube being a standard on the counters next to the nuts, or in special dispensing machines in the bathrooms for those impromptu moments of sheer desire.

Turning 18 and being finally allowed to go clubbing, now THAT would be a hell of an 18th birthday! One that many would likely want to remember… I wonder if that would curb the binge-drinking rate. Between being busy and working off the alcohol instead of drinking it, you’d think so. I wonder if that would also help the unlucky get more sex?

Sex education in school would have a whole other level of education, probably a much more liberal approach too. Kids would learn about sexuality (all the different types, not just straight and gay), exploration and relationship options which means a whole lot more adults that don’t have hang-ups when it comes to sex and their sexuality. Oh dear, could we possibly be creating a society that have increased self-confidence and less baggage? That could be disastrous… NOT!

There would be more playfulness, more flirting in public and less judgment on those that enjoy it… There would be less controversy since footballers (and golfers) would be swingers instead of cheaters! Then what would be in all the magazines and gossip columns? Well if Swinging is the new norm, would that make Monogamy the new taboo? Yikes! That might make swinging less enticing because it’s no longer “taboo” but then I’m sure there would also be less cheating, less lying and better relationships since it was all out in the open (in theory!)

So far it’s sounding like a world I’d love to live in. I’m sure there would be some down sides to it though, there is always another side to every story but for now I think I’ll sit with the images of this as a reality, or at least the good bits of it! How about you?

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