What do you LOVE about the Swinging Lifestyle?

What do you LOVE about the Swinging Lifestyle?
What do you LOVE about the Swinging Lifestyle?

One of our competitions on Adult Match Maker asked members to tell us what they loved about the swinging lifestyle.  We thought some of the responses were too good not to share.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

  1. The best part of the lifestyle is the honesty and trust we have developed with each other as partners, with no secrets between us, nothing is taboo or off limits as long as we discuss with each other first, this has led to us having some lifelong friends some wonderful pleasurable times and fulfilling our fantasies.   
  2. Entering into this lifestyle a little later in life at the age of 40 has allowed me to grow so comfortable with my own sexuality and femininity!!
  3. The friendship and closeness of the swinging community, plus the strength it has formed within our 25 year relationship.
  4. Having my wife naked with two guys kissing and touching her gently and softly and watching her moan for him as she does for me.
  5. It has made me a more sexually aware and confident women, my relationship with my husband is more loving and sex crazed than it has been in our life of 30 years together, love it!!!!
  6. Reinventing myself is the best part of swinging. I experience new people whilst exploring different parts of my personality, and letting go.
  7. The sexual freedom mostly. The ability to explore with a partner, someone you trust is pretty erotic. It is a sexual adventure.
  8. Swinging to me is the most liberating thing a woman can do sexually, swingers don’t judge you by your size age you are all equal
  9. The sexual tension and build up between ourselves prior to meeting up with couples.
  10. Like minded sensual sexual people have the confidence and articulation to take on the world and share their bodies.  Sharing is bliss.  
  11. We find our swinging lifestyle has kept us young and feeling vibrant. It enhances our marriage and we have a mind blowing sex life. 
  12. Watching my wife. Enjoyed this pleasure at the Couples Club and with some AMM gentlemen.  Very erotic watching her lose her inhibitions and exploring her sexual horizons.
  13. The intense natural high and how that makes all your senses come alive.
  14. In a weird way, we feel it brings us closer together. Such erotic passionate moments make us feel so close and sexy.
  15. The excitement of meeting new people who are out to enjoy life as much as us without being judged for doing so. 
  16. For me personally most of the people in the lifestyle are non-judgmental, doesn’t matter age, race, weight, height, sexual experiences.   Very open minded lifestyle.    
  17. Letting go and embracing who and what you are at a base level.
  18. We enjoy the sexual energy of being with another couple. We like to watch each other being pleasured by another
  19. Living out your wildest of fantasies with the one you love, and others…
  20. We love the fact that we can just be ourselves, and enjoy that openly with others who feel the same.
  21. The thrill of the unknown and the endless possibilities the lifestyle provides.
  22. The erotic experiences that a couple can share with another couple. It   brings a new heightened level of sexuality to a relationship.  Watching and being watched.  The hidden voyeur within. 
  23. We find that swinging is like a thrill an overpowering sense of eroticy and freedom of trust and lust for the sexual senses.
  24. Meeting new people – it is like having sex for the first time over and over – and we make some great new friends.
  25. In long-term loving, but perhaps sexually flagging relationships swinging stimulates enjoyment of each-others’ sexuality in offering sensuality, sexcitement, anticpppppation and nonthreatening mutually erotic pleasure.
  26. Swinging feeds my desire for intimate contact with other women but gives me the warmth, security and friendship you can find only in a relationship. 
  27. The fantastic heightened feelings you have for your partner for days after a night out.
  28. Enjoying the moment whatever that maybe, flirting, sensual, erotic playtime. Knowing we are both free to express and enjoy whatever we desire.  
  29. It is erotic, a turn on and pleasurable when down with the right people.  Anne & Tony
  30. The excitement of meeting new people, watching your partner getting pleasured by others, the chance to learn new and exciting ways of having sex.
  31. The swinging lifestyle is a way of keeping you young and feeling alive not matter your age. 
  32. It’s sharing my wife with another man, and watching her at her peak of climax, and seeing the sheer pleasure on her face.
  33. Swinging gives us the opportunity to meet lovely new people and then explore them without clothes on! 
  34. I love to watch and hear my wife enjoying the company of others and expanding our great sex lives.  
  35. The respect that others give each other and the sheer enjoyment all seem to obtain from those gatherings.  Should be more of them.
  36. Strangely enough, the more sex I have with other men, the closer I feel to my husband.  I can’t explain why.  It is what it is.
  37. The adrenalin that runs through our bodies in anticipation of what the night has in store for us and for all participants involved.
  38. I love seeing my partner be touched by another couple as nothing turns me on more
  39. After 20 years of marriage, getting back to the hotel after a party like Saints, we fuck like we were 18 again. So sexy
  40. Looking into your partners eyes while they are being pleased by others! Those lusty looks and cheeky smiles…mmmmmmm
  41. Being in the presence of like-minded, open gorgeous people, women especially. Watching another couple is very appealing. 
  42. The intrigue – you never know who you will meet or what you will get up too 😉
  43. The swinging life style is exciting and adds a new  dimension to sex and helps push the boundaries of mundane sex with the added excitement of new partners
  44. I love the secrecy to this lifestyle, no-one knows who or what you do by day or night or how you do it.
  45. Seeing my partner enjoying the pleasures of someone else and giving someone else pleasure – it’s so hot.
  46. The social aspect where we can talk frankly with other couples without fear of judgement like we would from our ‘vanilla’ friends. 
  47. We find the thought of watching and sharing each other with others or in front of others, highly arousing, as well as sexually freeing. In monogamous relationships there are not any options when meeting new horny people to play openly and honestly but swingers appreciate the open-mindedness and the positive attitudes towards sexual expression that is not available in vanilla relationships.
  48. The best part is that we get to express ourselves sexually together, to share our sexual appetite with others, with the need to be secretive.  
  49. For me swinging is social, meeting great people that want to play with one another too. What better way to have some messy adult fun. 
  50. Swinging is honest caring people open to sharing there all, seeing my wife totally involved & orgasmic is, enjoying new loving cpls, doing taboo things    
  51. Meeting new people and sharing the spark of hot and sweaty sex with like minded people can only be a good thang!
  52. Enjoying the freedom of our sexuality with other like minded people, the chance to explore and enjoy different thrills and pleasures.
  53. Seeing people in their most vulnerable, most sexual, most open and engaging times in their life. This allows me to see raw human nature. 
  54. I love that it’s a secret none of our friends know about and that you can still be completely in love and happy but enjoy share your partner which in turn spices up everything tenfold.
  55. The look in her eyes as she’s in a state of euphoria with anticipation of another man’s huge cock bringing her to orgasm…again!
  56. As a woman it’s most invigorating because girls get all the attention for me its as much empowering as its a turn on.
  57. The excitement and experiences that others bring to enhance the whole sexual journey, and the openness one experiences.
  58. We love seeing each other live out their fantasies and then be able to go home together to our normal loving live.
  59. Like minded sensual sexual people have the confidence and articulation to take on the world and share their bodies.  Sharing is bliss.  
  60. A woman allowing herself to be centre of attention and letting herself be pleasured without caring about being labelled a ‘slut’. Accepting, enjoying & loving her body and letting others love it also.
  61. The opportunity to experience different (and multiple) sexual partners is highly erotic and appealing.
  62. That no experience is ever the same, each time it is different and more pleasurable than the last
  63. The tense anticipation beforehand. The intense gratification of shared lovers.  The sense of satisfaction as you depart friends…   
  64. I find the thrill of being spoilt by multiple people and in return spoiling them. The enjoyment of the unexpected.
  65. I love the certainty and comfort of a possessed man, married, partnered or boyfriended.   A swinging lifestyle gives excitement, some giddy uncertainty but above all the choice to be dispossessed and free (until reality interferes anyway).
  66. It’s the meeting & playing with new people, you don’t have to stick with them but you can try them out!
  67. I love being able to see my partner with other people, it’s like live porn and it lets me know how hot he looks when we are having fun.
  68. I enjoy my new erotic life, away from normal everyday life. It makes me feel like a real woman.
  69. To have the support and security knowing my man fully supports my Bi-sexual side so i can be a whole woman and not a pretender. 
  70. Ability to be versatile in sexploration without having to suppress lustful desires or hide away from the partner.
  71. The fact that you can move within the swinging lifestyle circle without being judged … Everyone is so open and friendly and very accepting. Loving my new lifestyle…
  72. The intense adrenalin of anticipation on meeting and the psychological acceptance and taboo of experiencing your loved ones interactions during play 😉
  73. Making new friends that don’t judge you n take u on face value. We are all equal and beautiful in our own way!!
  74. Being able to enjoy the absolute truth of your sexuality with like minded people, it is the most enjoyable sexual experience I have had in my life.
  75. The main things I enjoy most about swinging is live sex is so much better than porn and having sex with different men, awesome fun.
  76. The thrill of being with several men at once….men you will never see again…sexual freedom and liberty in an anonymous situation.
  77. The pure trust and respect for a couple to continue to stimulate themselves sexually with a committed relationship.
  78. The suspense that leads up to walking in a room full of people knowing you can have anyone in that room.
  79. Watching my boyfriend enjoy and pleasure another woman in front of me because he’s so damn good at it and I love watching her come! 
  80. The thought of having sex, whilst others are having sex, is an incredible turn on. I love the idea of freedom as a swinger.

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