Sex Regrets The Night After

Sex Regrets The Night After
Sex Regrets The Night After

We have all been in the position where we have done things that we later regret. We can’t harp on these moments, and we must be able to move forward if we ever expect to get any peace.

Avoiding Regrets

One of the biggest reasons people experience regrets when it comes to sex is because they’ve had entirely too much to drink, started acting out of character and for one night only acted like a couple of swingers. Drinking lowers our inhibitions drastically, and things we wouldn’t ordinarily do suddenly sound like a good idea. You can still enjoy a few drinks though, just remember that moderation is key. If you avoid getting drunk, you can avoid the regret.

Another good idea is to have someone with you if you plan on drinking. A close friend who knows you will be able to stop you from making poor decisions. Just be sure the friend isn’t going to be drinking heavily either.

Dealing With Regrets

So you consumed a little too much and ended up doing something you probably shouldn’t have done. You can dwell on this and let it get to you, or you can just forget it and move on. If the regret was something like unprotected sex, then make an appointment at your local sexual health clinic to get checked out. Plan B is a morning after birth control that will help prevent pregnancy for up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, this is also a good idea to get.

If the regret was hooking up with someone you shouldn’t have, it may sound callous but you have the option of just not calling them again. If you care about the person and want to form a relationship, just be honest. Tell them you feel badly about what happened and it was probably too soon. Chances are they will agree and you can both put it behind you.

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