Rylan Clark reveals Big Brother’s secrets, including a couple having sex in a car

sex act in a car
sex act in a car

In the memoir Ten: The Ten Years That Changed My Future, the host revealed the jokes of the Big Brother contestants who had never appeared on the show.

Rylan Clarke reveals the dark side of the Big Brother cast as they pull off imaginary and puzzling jokes in front of the camera.

In Ten: Changing My Next Decade, the 33-year-old presenter explains that some of the most embarrassing things on reality TV happen outside the home.

These include a former roommate who urinated on the floor of a hotel room and another who was thrown from a company car after having sex with a partner in the back seat.

One of my old roommates left a pile of human waste on the living room floor – big, big garbage!” Rylan recalls.

The man questioned said he left the kebab meat, but then forced the dog into the room, chopped it up, and walked away.

Rylan recalls, “I had to laugh, but then we found out that it was over and we had to pay to clean [the hotel]”.

“We love our old roommates so much, they always feel surrounded by drama…that’s one of my favorite reasons.”

The former X Factor star also shared how she was kicked out of her car after appearing to be on Big Brother’s side.

He said: ‘The driver who crashed on the M25 asked his housemate and partner to get out of the car after having sex in the back seat of the car.

  • Answering the phone is fun and enjoyable, not to mention getting stuck on a guest’s hard shoulder in the middle of the night.

Rylan won Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and will present Bit On The Side until 2018, when it returns to ITV next year to replace Channel 5.

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