nude woman with mental health problems

In Rampur, UP, a nude woman with mental health problems rings a bell at night

CCTV footage shows the woman wandering the streets of Rampurmilak village.

After video footage of a naked woman ringing the doorbell of several homes in Uttar Pradesh went viral on social media, police released a statement on Saturday saying the woman had been identified. . After Rampur police contacted the woman’s parents, they added that she had “mental health problems” and had been receiving treatment in Bareilly for five years.

Police also said the woman’s family had been instructed not to let such incidents happen in the future and asked the public not to spread false information.

According to known information, the incident happened on the evening of January 29. After people reported the incident, the police began an investigation. CCTV footage shows the woman wandering the streets of Rampurmilak village. In response to the video that went viral on Twitter, the official Rampur police Twitter said on February 2 that a team had been formed to investigate the matter.

Police posted a video on Twitter on February 3 asking the public to dress the woman first and alert the nearest security guard if they see her on the street. He added that measures are being taken to verify the woman’s identity.

One user told the police: “At 1:30 am, he was seen naked on the street in Rampur. Don’t know who he is? What is his condition? CCTV, he is naked. until 3 am… after that? Where are the police? ! What is discipline? Bad police.” .

An Italian woman on Mumbai’s Vistara flight was arrested on Monday after assaulting cabin crew and walking half-naked in the hallway. Paola Perruccio, 45, who has an economy class ticket, allegedly spat on the cabin crew after being denied business class.

According to the complaint, the incident happened after the plane took off from Abu Dhabi. After the plane landed at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport at 4:53 a.m. on January 30, the flyer was handed over to security officials and then to Seoul’s Sahara Police.

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