JANA HOCKING writes: “Many celebrities have a naughty side. “I am no ordinary ‘star’, but I can guarantee a certain sports star is an expert in this field.

I want to tell you an uncommon but true fact: having sex with a celebrity is different.

Sorry but not. Sex is generally an adrenaline rush, and that’s what you get when you hang out with someone with star power.

Well, full disclaimer: I’m not saying this is an absurd experience, and in fact, like normal sex, it could be accidental. But still an experience.

That’s why people flock to my Instagram every Monday night to share my “I had sex with a celebrity” experience and I confess my naughty secret.

I talked about having sex with international rock stars, drug addiction with movie stars, and relationships with local soap opera actors. 

Yes, just like the rest of us, celebrities also have naughty sides that they want to hide.

Jana Hawking said: “I admit to having sex with an international rock star, taking drugs with a movie star and having an affair with a local opera actor.

If you match the dinner guests right, you’ll find plenty of people with at least 15 minutes of celebrity runs, especially when reality TV contestants are popping up all over the place!

A woman once said, so I won’t name it here, but I had really good sex with a visiting sports star and really bad sex with a presenter. local TV show. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider myself a “star**ker”. My first friend is a policeman, my second friend is a farmer and my third friend works in finance. 

So I don’t sit backstage hoping to become a rock star, but because I work in the field I’m in, I get to meet a lot of interesting people in the entertainment industry.

I’m not someone I can work with, so I thought if the right guy plays for a famous sports team and admires me, why not? I want to recall the interesting facts of old age.

The only strict rule is condoms. anytime. They want to warn, not tickle.

As Monday approached, I was so excited when Saucy Secret arrived in my inbox because I knew they were going to make it.

One shy boy admits: “I’ve been in a secret relationship with [insert very famous Australian sports star here] for three years and I’m gay.” We are still good friends and still sleep in the same bed. – He is married, now he has a child.

All I can say is it’s more common than you think. 

The football world is filled with stories of poor players trapped in the dark. He just wanted to swing his magic wand and create a safe place to be proud of.

Then there’s a sexy sultry woman revealing that she was “at a small private group/swingers party in Sydney and met a famous (male) TV personality who rocked the whole thing. both sides”.

Hmmm.. isn’t that all now?

Or the wise one accepts a visiting pop star’s teasing request: “I ran into [insert pop star’s name here] at the Emmys and he whispered in my ear, ‘Take off your pants, let me meet you. you.'” ‘Donkey’ – I refuse”. UH. “

There was a bad boy who slept with the girlfriend of a famous ’90s rock star. Read: “I slept with my girlfriend [insert rock star name here] in Cairns.” The next day he flew to Australia and she stayed with him in Port Douglas. He is a pet in the penthouse.

So what keeps us all interested in sexy celebrities? 

Take, for example, Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently confessed to sleeping with Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt that made the internet a viral craze.

When Alexandra Cooper, host of her podcast Calling My Dad, asked her which of the two is a better lover, we all bowed our heads. 

Unfortunately, the answer is a bit lame: “It’s hard because Brad has chemistry, loves his life, has some connections, and Ben is technically good.”

what a. It’s one. That is it. What does it mean?

No, Gwyneth, tell me, which one makes you scream? Bend like a cradle? I want to know that!

I think the real lesson we’re learning here is that we shouldn’t care about celebrity sex. 

Please send it to me. Don’t miss the interesting details. After all, sharing is important.

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