Married woman caught with 22 Tinder messages on plane

Tinder messages on plane

Some passengers on this plane may be forced to make an emergency landing.

An unidentified woman who received 22 Tinder messages on her phone was forced to board the plane – apparently sitting next to her husband and child.

Another passenger named Karima recognized the prank and took a screenshot on her phone and posted it on TikTok.

Karima’s short video went viral and garnered more than 4.4 million views, with much speculation about the mysterious woman’s marital status.

Seeing a chill girl on a plane with her husband, children, wedding ring and 22 flints,”

Karima wrote in the video as she reached for her phone.

Maybe they have an open marriage? I don’t understand, TikToker added, when hundreds of people’s theories become important.



A man who believes the woman is using dating and sex apps behind her husband’s back said:

“Her husband will give her the greatest gift of her life: divorce.

Another suggested that the couple might be trying to spice up their marriage by being together on the app.

“No one knows how many couples are looking for a third party, suggesting that couples may try to dissolve their marriage,” he said.

News of Tinder appeared in Arabic, causing a positive response, with some suggesting that the marriage was unsustainable.

“It’s written in Arabic, it doesn’t open anything,” someone said.

Karima, who may live in Europe, did not say which way she went to shoot the clip. He also carefully concealed the identity of the woman.

However, TikToker received backlash from other viewers, who deemed it inappropriate for her to have a crush on Tinder.

Most assumed they couldn’t trust a woman to marry a man (despite wearing a wedding ring), while others simply said, “It’s none of your business.

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