In it to Win it

Who plays, has “In it to Win it”

After so many years, it seems that the quote “who plays, he has” carries a non-trivial story from which you can learn a lot. Certainly, many of the proclaimed visions of change for the better have been introduced, but many have not come true. University professors compare it to a glass full of water. Some people see half a glass and others see half an empty glass. The greatest disappointment came with projects aimed at improving the safety of young people who enter the world. Access to websites that may contain unwanted content has not been regulated by law. Live webcams with girls or even dating webcams, which I know may be undesirable, are further propagated. The LGBT community is becoming more and more courageous, demanding its rights, which in many cases is absurd due to the roots of our grandparents or even great-grandparents.

Preaching postulates to regulate live cams with girls is something absurd from today’s point of view. Hidden pornography, which manifests itself more and more often in the form of webcams with naked girls, is becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment for young citizens. Meeting in a cafe is turned into virtual meetings on dating websites.

Postulates that were to bring benefits, brought protection for people who will soon become creators of tangible reality, more and more often transfer their world to the virtual world, which is very dangerous and constitutes a far-reaching action. Changes in the psyche of a young person are irreversible changes and affect the formation of a personality. Which translates into relationships between people. As Professor Joseppe from the university noted

“… Such rapid changes in the functioning of society are undesirable due to the slow influence of the authorities on the current situation. But you should also look for positive information. The positive information is that educational and scientific institutions meet the needs of virtual teaching, which means that instead of spending their time on free webcams with naked girls, they will be able to increase their knowledge on an interesting topic, and they will transfer meeting new people from dating websites to getting to know each other. new peers in the virtual classroom. … “

This statement is a great hope for the new generation that educational and scientific centers are additionally involved in shaping views and personality.

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