Getting naughty & nude for ‘likes’ – girl posting raunchy pictures online to get attention

One 18-year-old woman for whom gaining likes on the social networking site Facebook has become very important decided to break another record. They want more of them, she started posting even more dirty pictures of herself. Posting a lot of photos meant that they were more and more willingly and commented on, which brought more and more coverage. The woman felt great about it because she knew she looked good on them. The woman admitted to using the Internet without parental supervision since the age of 13, which has largely made her now willing to share nude photos of herself on the Internet. Facebook isn’t the only place to post pictures of yourself naked. As he admitted, the woman is registered on several dating sites. One of them is naughty girl, which allows her not only to share her spicy photos but also to show her short videos. The woman admitted that dating sites are more for brave women. If a woman does not want to engage in a relationship with other men, it is better not to set up accounts on dating websites. It’s best to limit you to Facebook or Instagram.

The teenager admitted that she has no qualms about showing her body in public. As she stated, “thanks to this, she has many friends that I can always count on”

Social media expert and Internet communication specialist, Dr. Marcela Kocharowa, states that the teenager’s behavior is caused by the lack of acceptance that a girl would like to have in the real world by her immediate surroundings, so she is looking for a way to find people in interests that would accept it. Noting that photos showing her naked body attract a lot of people and positive comments, the girl begins to post more of them. Which is very irresponsible because of the possible abuse of the girl by dishonest men, which may have negative consequences in her later adult life.

Young people are very emotional about how they are perceived on social media platforms – comments Kocharowa. For them, the number of likes, visits or people who want to meet a woman on a dating site is very important. It’s amazing how teenagers start to function compared to 10-15 years ago when the Internet wasn’t as common as it is today.

The head of the Center for Research on Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse states that the increasingly easy access to social networking sites, in particular to dating sites where the sharing of naked photos and short videos is less restrictive than on social networking sites such as Facebook, is a very dangerous phenomenon. We have more and more reports of sexual crimes where teenagers who want to have a lot of friends and be showered with compliments are harmed. Such people are characterized by very quickly gaining the trust of people they do not know. In teen audition chat, some of the statements are very bold and astonishing. The Internet and the information that is provided to such a person are of great importance during upbringing. It is there that they draw their inspiration for their behavior. While the behavior of the stars that are presented on the Internet is not surprising, the reflection of this behavior in teenagers is surprising and undesirable.

According to the information published by the Office of the Ombudsman for Children regarding the use of the Internet, half of the respondents share their photos on the Internet. A smaller half admit that the photos they published show at least half of their naked body. As Mr. Rafał admits, this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon that results from the lack of knowledge of young people on how they should behave on the Internet.

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