English Language Found Dead; Craigslist Wanted for Questioning

English Language Found Dead; Craigslist Wanted for Questioning
English Language Found Dead; Craigslist Wanted for Questioning

If you want to use the Craigslist site for looking for love, don’t let us stop you. Just be aware that the site, through no fault of its own, tends to draw the lowest common denominator. This hilarious article goes into the many flakes, posers, and just plain brainless minions who post on Craigslist just because they can.

The best is the third point, “Mediocrity in the first degree.”. We’d like to see more people loosen up when they write a profile. Make fun of yourself. Make fun of dating. Make fun of the person reading. After browsing 1000 profiles before getting to yours, think how much attention you’ll get if you are the one who throws every idea about online dating out the window and posts something daring and original.

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