Budget Date Ideas

Budget Date Ideas
Budget Date Ideas

Well, with all the news lately of global economic problems, you don’t need us to tell you that some people are strapped for cash.

Even when the economic forecast is sunny, young people in their dating years and students especially need some pointers on how to date inexpensively without seeming cheap. So we won’t suggest you make every date a budget date, but even throwing one of these every third time or so will make a difference – and for once you’ll have a different idea besides “dinner and a film”!

  1. Have a ‘pet date’.
    Have a dog? Does your friend have a dog? Great, let’s find a park where they can both romp around and frisk together, while you two can spend some time together. It almost suggests itself.
  2. An ecology outing.
    Everybody talks about long walks on the beach, but what about a visit to a forest, National Park, historic site, or ancient abandoned city? Some local tours in your area might prove inexpensive, and other outdoor sports such as rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, or trail biking usually have groups and tours that get together for outings. Aside from the equipment, these are cheap to attend, and even the equipment for most things isn’t that far out.
  3. Visit a museum.
    Your local museum misses you. Museums are inexpensive and never crowded. You get to leisurely stroll through, setting your own pace. You get to impress your date with your thoughts on Rodin and Renoir. And every large city has a science exhibit, which is great fun because they’re interactive. Zoos are another economical choice.

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