Allowing topless women in swimming pools in Germany means ending discrimination

A simple question: if men can swim naked in a pool, why can’t women? Why is the female body always sexy?

It’s a controversy that has plagued many German local authorities, especially after the central German city of Göttingen last year allowed swimmers of all genders to go topless in public swimming pools. weekend.

With the decision, L’Essentiel writes, “the city will be at the forefront of the nation’s debate on gender equality.”

Now it’s Berlin’s turn. Following recent legal proceedings against certain women being banned from wearing topless (topless) clothing in public swimming pools, the Free City government has decided that women can swim to swim. topless (topless) in public swimming pools if they wish. These rules apply to indoor and outdoor pools, beaches, and parks.

“Due to a successful discrimination complaint, regulations on accommodation and bathing in baths in Berlin will be applied in the future according to a gender-based process,” the Berlin state government said.

This clearly shows the new decision is not only about swimming without groups but also about fairness, diversity and anti-discrimination.

Ban or not ban?

Although there is no official or legal ban on headless swimming in Berlin, it is not yet widely accepted.

As a native German explains,

Senate Judiciary, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Division, “Rooms and Bathing Rules” do not include gender requirements other than commercial swimwear.

Berlin’s swimming regulations state that swimmers must wear “normal swimwear” such as shorts, shorts, bikinis, swimsuits and burkinis.

Doris Liebscher, head of the state agency’s Office of the Equal Treatment Ombudsman, welcomed the new provisions, adding: “This decision creates equal rights for all Berliners, male and female. , female or non-binary employee.”

nipple release

“Women’s breasts are a secondary gender trait like body hair and Adam’s apple. Shouldn’t they be treated equally?” asked CNN commentator Holly Thomas. “However, we worry and fear what constitutes a ‘proper’ environment in which people of all genders should be allowed to cover up – and whether everyone should have the same freedoms.” no. The question starts with how we approach it. udo.”

This concept is treated with cultural, social and political differences in different countries and even in different regions. For example, in a case called “Free the Nipple” (@freethenipple), the United States Supreme Court refused to hear the appeals of three women who were fined by a New Hampshire town for exposing their breasts in public. add.

They argue that banning nude photography of women, not men, violates the US Constitution.

In his column, Thomas wondered: “But what if dairy isn’t the problem, and therefore a treatable problem? As the city of Berlin shows, the solution is simple. Leave every opportunity All bodies are equal, we must treat them the same way.”

Like Göttingen, Berlin’s decision, which has attracted widespread attention at home and abroad, falls into the German context of nudism – the “nude culture”: tolerance, in part a cult of nudism. option for “textiles”. free of charge’

This also applies to the discussion of equality. “If men are allowed to do things that women are not allowed to do, it is not only unfair but also sexist,” said Lotte Mies, who filed a report with the same treatment office in Berlin. where new rules are introduced, said. Complaint has been sent to Berliner Zeitung

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